90 Days to a Slimmer, Healthier You!

Target: Health-conscious men and women who want to lose some weight in a healthy life-affirming manner. It is also targeted for busy Moms who want to learn how to manage their time so they are able to prepare healthy family meals. Discover a simple, powerful process to lose 10 pounds and continue on your journey towards health.

For health-conscious men and women who have been struggling to make time for wholesome, real-food meals and exercise for themselves and their families.

Have you been trying to lose a few pounds in a healthy way but just aren’t having any luck? Are you concerned that you and your family are eating fast food much too often?

Take a deep breath. I know that you are extremely busy and feel you don’t have time to cook healthy meals for yourself and your family. By working with me, not only will you have a plan to make your meals health supporting, you will know what to do every day to raise a healthy family and to begin to lose those extra pounds.

The “90-Days to a Slimmer, Healthier You” package will show exactly what it takes to lose weight in a healthy manner, including:

• With a coach by your side, you will be gently guided through a proven process that is guaranteed to support you in choosing foods, preparing delicious meals, and incorporating healthy behaviors into your daily routine.

• Learn the healthiest foods you can eat to gain energy and lose fat.

• How to prepare delicious, healthful meals for yourself and your family that don’t take hours in the kitchen.

• How to get past the frustration and overwhelm you have felt trying to work healthy habits into your daily routine. This highly supportive coaching package gives you:

• An individual weight loss & healthy eating plan to lose 10 pounds and tone up over the next 3 months.

• An initial one-hour “Health Assessment” kick-off session that will give you insight into what has gone wrong and what you can do to turn it around.

• 3 prerecorded training sessions

• Three 30-minute “Slimmer, Healthier You” individual phone sessions each month.

• An action-oriented “Healthy Meal Plan” tailored to your particular situation.

• E-mail support as needed.

• BONUS: 3-Ring recipe binder, non-glare sheet protectors, and package of oversized, insertable dividers so you can keep all your recipes and meal-plans together.

Full Pay Investment: $1,475 Payment Plan: $812 to start; $812 in 30 days