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A BOOK REVIEW for Diet and Cancer: Is There a Connection? written by Gail McGlothin was published in Spring 2011 issue of  Tyler Today magazine

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A review in the Summer 2011 edition of The Arrow: Diet&Cancer~The Arrow

PRESS RELEASE: New Book Explores the Connection Between Diet and Cancer

TYLER, Texas, Nov. 11, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Licensed counselor and health coach Melinda Coker has announced the publication of her new book, Diet and Cancer: Is There a Connection?, which was released November 9, 2010. The book explores the connection between the average U.S. diet and the growing incidence of cancer, and offers an easy-to-follow preventive eating plan the whole family can employ. This thought-provoking wellness primer is available for purchase online at Amazon or on the web site at

“Cancer is the second most common cause of death, claiming over 1500 Americans each day,” reports Ms Coker. “Researchers have estimated that 30-60% of all cancers may be prevented by informed food choices. Therefore, it makes sense to align your diet with prevention of this deadly disease however and whenever you can.”

Diet and Cancer: Is There a Connection? offers a 10-day eating plan to get people started on eating healthier. The plant-based dietary program promises to help participants lose weight, avert digestive problems, lower blood cholesterol and lower blood pressure. Step-by-step menu selections are designed to be easy to follow at any level of cooking expertise.

“I have found that when women pick up my book and incorporate its principles into their family diets,” confides Ms. Coker, “then the entire family starts to eat better.”

Melinda Coker is a licensed counselor and health coach who believes that major diseases, including cancer, may be prevented through dietary means. She has worked with hundreds of clients across the country to help them gain the skills they need to improve their lives and achieve a renewed feeling of well-being. For more information on Melinda Coker and the diet cancer connection, please visit her website at

 Melinda Coker



Diet And Cancer: Is There A Connection?
Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Food Editor, Tyler Morning Telegraph

Tylerite Melinda Coker is the picture of health. A beautiful, tall blonde, Mrs. Coker herself is the perfect marketing tool for her new book, Diet and Cancer: Is There a Connection?  She eats right, exercises and understands that her best weapon against developing cancer is not in the medicine cabinet, but in her pantry.

“A few years ago, so many of my friends started to be diagnosed with cancer,” Mrs. Coker said. “I am curious and wanted to know if this was just random, or if there was something that could be done to fight it.”

Mrs. Coker’s natural curiosity is one of her strengths that has made her a successful serial entrepreneur.

She is a licensed counselor and health coach, has created and operated many different businesses, and continues to consult with other businesses to build their online presence. Mrs. Coker found herself wanting to write a book and realized that her interest kept returning to the connection between cancer and nutrition.

“I have always been interested in good health,” Mrs. Coker said. “But I wanted to really focus on cancer and how we eat. There is all kinds of information, and doing my research for this book reinforced information I had been learning from many different sources.”

Mrs. Coker attributes society’s association of food with pleasure that has caused the country’s increasing problems with obesity and cancer.

“People think that rewarding children with junk food is acceptable,” Mrs. Coker said. “We have built our society around food rewards, but these fats, salts and sugars we like are as addicting to our brain as other substances we know are harmful.”

Mrs. Coker follows a strict vegan diet, meaning she chooses to avoid using or consuming animal products. Vegans also avoid all dairy and eggs. Although living a vegan lifestyle has helped her maintain a healthy body weight, Mrs. Coker is realistic that only a small percentage of people are going to change their eating habits this drastically.

“There are some simple things anyone can do to eat better,” Mrs. Coker said. “For starters, avoid all processed foods. Be a diligent label-reader, and the fewer the ingredients on the list, the better the food is for you most of the time.”

Coker said incorporating a “meatless/cheeseless day” once a week is also an easy way to make a change for the better without a lot of sacrifice. “It’s not as hard as you think to eat out in Tyler and not order meat as well,” Mrs. Coker said. “Sonoma Grill has a wonderful Mediterranean Pasta, El Charro’s Jontee Special is great, and we eat salad and pasta at Olive Garden, too.”

“Diet and Cancer” is specifically written to women, with the next generation of girls in mind.

“I have found that if women will pick up my book and incorporate these principles into their family’s diets, then the whole family will often start to eat better,” Mrs. Coker said.

“I am also writing to my friends and our daughters,” Mrs. Coker said. “Genetics is not the only risk factor we need to think about. How we eat is something we can all do to lower our risks of disease and cancer.”

Mrs. Coker’s “Diet and Cancer” book also includes a 10-day “getting started” program to help people start eating healthier. The book asserts that this plant-based eating plan will help people lose weight, end indigestion, lower blood cholesterol and lower blood pressure. The recipes are basic and easy for any level of cook.

You can order Mrs. Coker’s book, Diet and Cancer: Is There a Connection? online at

View this feature story on the Tyler Paper website.


Livro explora a ligação entre câncer e dieta
Yahoo! Brasil

Qui, 11 Nov, 06h28

TYLER, Texas, 11 de novembro de 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Orientadora licenciada e mentora em saúde Melinda Coker anuncia a publicação de novo livro, Diet and Cancer: Is There a Connection?  (Dieta e câncer: há relação?), lançado em 9 de novembro de 2010. O livro explora a relação entre a dieta média dos EUA e a incidência crescente de câncer e apresenta plano alimentar preventivo, fácil de ser seguido, que toda a família pode usar. Este manual de bem-estar que leva a pensar está disponível para compra no e no “Câncer é a segunda causa mais comum de morte, atingindo mais de 1.500 americanos todos os dias”, informa Coker. “Pesquisadores estimam que 30% a 60% de todos os cânceres poderiam ser evitados com opções informadas de alimentos. Assim, faz sentido aliar a dieta à prevenção desta doença mortal de qualquer modo e sempre que puder”.

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