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For the past eighteen months I have been diligently working on a book. I had three very good friends who were diagnosed with cancer within months of each other and that got me started thinking about the randomness of the disease. When my beloved standard poodle was diagnosed with bladder cancer, I started researching ways to help him. After all, he was my responsibility and he depended on me for everything. I found that much more research had been done for people with cancer rather than for dogs, and, at some point during all of that upheaval, I decided to try to write down and organize the information I had found.

The more you write, the more you learn and then you have to write some more. During all the writing and then the grueling editing process I just kept going. After my dog and two of my friends died, I knew that I had to actually bring this book to fruition. I couldn’t give up.

When all the writing and editing was done and it was time to put the book out for publication, I went into panic mode for a few days as I realized that once the book was published I would be open for criticism. However, if we never do anything for which we might be criticized we are probably doing nothing. At least I DID SOMETHING, and actually, I truly hope that this book might save some lives. I realize the book won’t save lives, but maybe it will give some guidance to people who are interested in saving their own life. You can order the book Diet and Cancer: Is There a Connection?at AMAZON.

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