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Patsy in Red

I attended the funeral of another friend this week who died of cancer.  Patsy Fisher (pictured above in red signing in for a PWCA meeting) was only 63 and still a vibrant energetic high school counselor when she got her diagnosis.  She fought the good fight through chemo and other treatments for over a year before being moved to Hospice care and dying the week after her 42nd wedding anniversary.  She left a heart-broken husband, daughter and two granddaughters to cope without her.

What a waste.  Patsy was known as one of the best high school counselors in the area.  She was always looking for new and innovative ways to help and support her students.

I was the new president-elect of the Piney Woods Counseling Association in 2001 when I first met Patsy.  She had been president of our East Texas organization two years before and offered me so much help and advice that year and the next when I took over the presidency.  She was such a mentor for me and at her funeral service that word “mentor” was used over and over again to describe Patsy.

Cancer is a horrible disease and this has just made me want to renew my fight against it.  I’m on a mission and I want to spread the word that we can actually prevent at least half of all cancers just by changing our diet and lifestyle.  We don’t have to do weird things like find our energy or have colonics or take supplements and essential oils.  We just have to stop eating animal products which are the major toxic foods in our diet and eat more of the good stuff like fruits, vegetables, beans, potatoes and whole grains.  It’s certainly not as hard as having cancer.

People tell me all the time that they could never eat that way.  Well, “eating that way” is certainly more fun, nourishing and comfortable than vomiting and losing your hair when you are put on cancer drugs.  Why don’t you start?  If you need some help, just send me a note on the contact form.

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