Added Swimming to My Exercise Routine


My granddaughter LOVES to swim and at 4-years old she is quite good. Whenever she visits, she is in the pool 2-3 times a day. The last time she came, a golfer had hit a ball into the pool and no one wanted to get it out. Kendall did. She swam to the bottom of the 9-10′ area and retrieved the golf ball!

I am a warm water swimmer. By the end of June our pool had gotten warm enough for me to start swimming. I love the water and I love swimming (as long as it’s warm) so for about 6 weeks I have been able to swim nearly every day. As in my other sports, I am not an extremist. I usually swim laps for 15-30 minutes using a variety of strokes. It definitely adds to my aerobic exercise and really energizes me. Unfortunately for swimming, we have had a week of cooler temperatures and clouds and rain so today I won’t swim. I hope it is not the end of the swimming season for me, but just a few days without it.

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